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My Mother was a Parker and my Father was a Zacchilli. and before they were married, my Grandmothers' surnames were Gross and Fraccallossi. I married a Farrelly whose Mother was a Barry. These are the six surnames that will receive the most attention on this website.

There is much mystery, entertainment and history in the stories surrounding the above families.

In the 1600′s, our Parker family removed from England to New England because of religious persecution only to flee to Canada at the end of the Revolutionary War because of their loyalty to England. Three generations later, our Parker family returned to America.

Selena Parker with 5 of her children 2 neighborhood children-

Tracing the Zacchilli family through many small Italian towns has been the project of several relatives for the past decade and has only recently come close to closure when the “cousins” got together by email and swapped documents and “hearsay.”

The mystery of the surnames Creaser, Crusser, and Gross was thought to be solved, however, in 2010 we learned that the Gross Registry was not correct. Recently uncovered documentation shows “much confusion” back in the 1700′s.

The Fraccallossi family was a theatrical/musical family who came to America looking for a better life. Their struggle to become citizens and learn the language puts to shame the immigration problems facing this country today.

Patrick J and Margaret Young

The Farrelly family originates on the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and provides a mixture of intrigue both political and religious.

The Barry family originates in Cork, Ireland and is first observed in the New World when a group of young women cross the Atantic together looking for work.

There are currently over 1,700 names in the database. While there is DNA and documentary evidence to support 95% of the work, with such a large, complex family coming from 6 different European countries, there always will remain some doubt and wonder about the origins and travels of our ancestors. We have tried our best to note where assumptions have been made.

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