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The following information has been gathered from documents on the internet, books, letters and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. By presenting the data on the following pages, we hope to clarify many family rumors and to shed light on long standing questions about the family of Robert and Elisha Parker. Where possible we have stated the source of our information, however, where we have noted that there is no "hard" evidence, the reader is left to judge the validity of the material.Replica of the sailing ship Rose

The Parker Family DNA Project results were published in 2008: 1] "confirming that Elisha PARKER descends from the same ancestor as Robert PARKER of Barnstable, MA ." 2] The DNA results of Ted Parker (P242), the oldest living grandson of Warren Parker's (1864) confirmed that the relationships from Elisha to Warren are accurate.

As early as 1870 our ancestors were asking: How did Elisha and Robert get to America? Who were their parents? If they did not sail with their parents then who was responsible for their upbringing? It has always been speculated that Elisha and Robert were brothers who traveled together at the age of about four from Kent, England to New England. However, their journey is shrouded in mystery. Genealogists have not been able to find their parents nor have they found passenger records of the ship that transported the small boys.

The documents, stories, church and state records from both England and America have been compiled by us into documents and articles. Information is available regarding the Parker brothers journey and their early life in America. There are articles on the "Parker Castle", the origin of the Parker name and much more. Finally, based on evidence to date, we have presented a theory about the parents, birth place and voyage of Elisha and Robert Parker.

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