Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my adopted name shown on the tree?
Just as we show the maiden names of women, we show the biological birth names of all children. Adoptions and name changes are reflected as an "Event" under the appropriate child.

What is the "Potential Problems Report?"
Don't panic! The report is software generated and just reflects data that is outside the norm. In most cases the entries are correct and just need to be verified. Once you have verified or want to change an entry, use the "Questions" form and the entry will be exempted from the next report.

How do I update/add my family data?
There is a form called "Update Your Family" that can be accessed in the left menu. At first the form may be a little intimidating, however, it is the form most often used on Genealogy sites and allows for including the necessary information.

How and when are my updates posted on
New data and revisions are done as I receive them on my local desktop PC. Once each month, (usually at the beginning of the month) new data will upload to the web site.

Where are pictures and history stored?
Pictures and Histories have now been placed into Albums by family name. Take a look by clicking "Albums" in the left menu.

How do I post pictures on Facebook?
I've tried to make photos from the pages of your personal album where you scanned the entire album page and posted it on FaceBook. The pictures are too small. Please scan and post one picture to FaceBook at a time.

Are you looking for a relative?
If you are looking for your relatives, please, first use the search engine. There are some 1700 "cousins" available on this site and they can all be reached through the search engine. If you can not find your ancestors, then please send us as much information as you have using the Update Your Family form. Maybe between us we can help you locate your family.

If you have a "family register" and are related to one of the six families on this web site, we will publish your register free on this site and link it with the appropriate "cousin." Please note proof of a relationship is required; DNA or church or state documentation.

Isn't there a way to show the data in a more concise manner then as viewed on a page?
There are numerous ways to view the data on Your best be is to experiment with the various menus. Tip: On some pages, if you hold your mouse over a surname, family data will show up in a pop-up box.

Why isn't the website separated into distinct family trees?
Which tree would you be in? Which tree would your children be in? Is your mother going to show as your father's wife in his tree and vice versa? It is not possible to separate the data into four distinct family trees.

Why can't I see the description on some pictures?
If the description is not noted, in most cases, depending on your browser, you can run your mouse over the photo/picture for the details.

Why are Maiden surnames used rather than the married surname?
Some "trees" use only the married names. We like the idea of using the maiden surnames in order to better identify marriages and to give proper recognition to each person. We are consistent with this type of input.

Is it necessary to Register and Log-in?
In order to view the database (Menus items: Search and Family History) it is necessary to Register. Once registered, your user name and password will provide access to all the pages on this web site.

What about my tablet or phone?
These pages will work just fine on a tablet or a smart phone. For a better view use the landscape view on your device.

If you have questions, first check out FAQ for answers to the most common questions. If you still have questions, use the Questions link under Contact Us in the left side menu.


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